Understanding of APAR (Light Fire Extinguishers)

The Article

APAR (Light Fire Extinguisher) means Fire Extinguisher that can be carried and used and operated by one person and stand alone. Apar is a fire extinguisher that is used manually and directly directed at the position where the fire is located. Apar is known as a portable fire extinguisher that is easy to carry, fast and right in use for the start of the fire, as it is portable and lightweight that makes it easy to approach the fire area. Due to its functionality for early handling, the APAR placement must be placed in certain places to facilitate its use.

APAR function / use:

To prevent and extinguish a small fire.

APAR installation and placement:

a. Each APAR is installed in an easily visible and reachable position

b. The APAR installation should match the type of protected object / place

c. Each APAR must be mounted hang

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