10 top tips to hire a personal trainers

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First of all, a big congratulations for deciding and taking the first step in the direction of fitness. The first big step you should be proud of.

If you’re mentally ready to get fit, you’re well ready for a personal trainer. Maybe you’re looking to lose weight and trim down. Or you have hit a fitness plateau. You can set ambitious personal fitness goals with experienced and intensely motivational personal trainers in your town with Youdo.

Many people in such a situation are confused if they should hire a personal trainer or not.

A personal trainer can be a great investment of time and money or a big waste depending upon your success or failure to identify the right trainer for yourself. If you have very specific training goals, you might benefit from hiring a trainer. One would agree that a trainer can walk you through the gym, teach you how to use specific equipment, create a custom training regime, plus help you with tips on nutrition. A trainer can also help construct a specific fitness program if you are preparing for a sporting event, a race or a competition etc.

Why hire a personal trainer? Simply because they are knowledgeable about every facet of your overall fitness and can help you reach your goals quicker.

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The image of a tough personal trainer yelling at their clients until collapse may scare some people away from hiring a personal trainer, but the benefits of using a personal trainer should be considered carefully. While some in the field provide a rough and tough sergeant style training, most personal trainers typically collaborate with their clients in a non-threatening way, helping them to achieve specific fitness goals. Understanding the potential benefits of a personal trainer can help you decide if the financial investment is worthwhile. The difference between a good trainer and a bad trainer can be immense. While a good trainer is worth every penny, a bad trainer is not only a waste of your hard-earned money but also can set you back by months.

There are times when you would think that you already know almost everything related to personal fitness. In my case too, I felt the same. However as I joined a gym, which offered me some free fitness and personal training sessions, I realised that I am missing out on a lot of information about training equipment, knowledge about my body, information related to a proper workout plan, understanding about how fitness works and also right kind of metrics to track my improvement and my goals week over week, month over month.

My trainer shared a complete workout and nutrition strategy which was very different from what I had been doing so far. I had more success in 2 months then I had ever before. Then I realised, I have a lot of new things to learn to transform myself. The range of experience, education, enthusiasm, professionalism, certifications, commitment, motivation styles that you can expect from a personal trainer can be very different from one to another. A qualified trainer can create a fitness program to ensure improvement in your cardiovascular strength, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.

Since you are going to invest your time, money and trust in a person trainer, you better ensure that your trainer qualifies the right criteria. You have to doubly sure of having the right person for your fitness program. Unfortunately, so many trainers do not invest properly in setting up a fitness program for you. So how do you decide if a trainer is a right trainer for your needs? By not investing properly in your training and not coming up with the right kind of customised plan for your fitness requirements, you will get no results.

If you are particularly shy, then small commercial facilities or a home gym are a great way to ease into the fitness regime, as you will be working alone and one-on-one with your trainer. On the other hand, if you are outgoing and self-motivated, larger style gyms with open concepts and with a variety of classes might cater to your needs. Whatever be your preference, you should be aware that deciding to start is one of the most difficult parts of the journey. You shouldn’t let this stop you. Once the decision has been made, you should be assured that you now have a plan in place and you’re on your way to achieving your fitness goals.

The first step in the overall process is to find the right kind of fitness trainer. It starts with a search.

A personal trainer can be found anywhere. You can take reference from your friends. Or you can go check-in to your local gym and ask for some references. You can also go and check out on some reliable websites like Youdo, as they have a list of the most reliable and best quality personal trainers that you can have in your city.

Do you want to hire a personal trainer but not sure what to ask? Do you want to hire the best trainer in town but not sure what to ask?

These top tips will help you to make an informed decision and get the best results for your investments when choosing a personal trainer.

  1. Read up and do your research – Online & offline

If you’re just beginning a fitness program, take some time to learn basic terminologies related to exercises and fitness — For e.g., the difference between a rep and a set, different types of machines and their purpose, the different muscle types in a human body, the difference between an aerobic and anaerobic exercise. This will empower you during the search and allow you to ask insightful questions about your trainer’s training philosophies.

  1. Prepare your questions and don’t hesitate to ask

Discuss openly with your potential trainer and work together with a plan to achieve your desired outcomes. The foundation of a good plan is based on your trainer’s knowledge of science, fitness and callisthenics. Ask openly why they would recommend a particular exercise, strategy or regimen.

  1. Consider the facility and resources

Is the trainer employed by a commercially established gym? Trainers that are part of a bigger organization tend to be up-to-date with the latest techniques and research, and they can offer a greater range of exercises to help achieve outcomes. But they are also more closely restricted to a schedule and may not be able to spend extra time with you.

4. Variety of exercises

An experienced trainer teaches you a variety of exercise methods, mixing isolation exercises with compound exercises. This can keep you from getting bored. Also, if a specific exercise doesn’t work for you, the trainer can change it to the one that suits you better but provides the same physical benefits. Qualified and quality trainers also help you to make adjustments as your fitness level improves to ensure continued progress.

  1. Be certain on the certifications

One of the most important criteria for finding the right trainer is to ensure that they are actually qualified to be a trainer. While the job isn’t easy, still there are too many people in the market who claim themselves as a personal trainer though they know nothing about the human body or nutrition. Additionally, they have little or absolutely no exposure to personal training.

Good trainers will have national and international level certifications (such as those from the Indian Academy of Fitness Training, Gffi-Fitness Academy, Gold’s Gym certificate, classic fitness academy, International Exercise & Sports Trainers Association and other reputed certificates). Else, they should have a degree in exercise science and nutrition.

In addition to having the right kind of certificates, you also need to ensure that the trainer is aware of the first aids in case of an unwanted injury. They should be aware of nutrition to offer you tips on how to maintain your fitness outside of the gym. It’s completely okay to ask your trainer to present their certificates because we shouldn’t qualify a personal trainer without confirming on their qualifications as it can put your health in jeopardy.

  1. Ask for some client referrals

Since your trainer is going to work with you to achieve your fitness goals, you need to ensure that they have the right referrals to back up their claim. It is okay to ask your trainer to provide you with some references and case studies of their earlier clientele. In fact, a trainers’ competencies are only as strong as the results they have been able to attain for their clients.

  1. Understand what motivates you

The trainer should cater to your personal style and your learning priorities. While some people would want a trainer who can help extend their limits, some people would you want a much softer approach – a positive reinforcement, a gentle encouragement does wonder for such people. So, it’s very important to understand that your trainer should blend with your personality, priorities and your motivation style.

  1. Be patient

You are putting your fitness goals and your future into someone else’s hands. You need to take the time to shop around. You don’t always go with the first thing you encounter in the market. Take your time to try out the trainer. Unless you feel satisfied and convinced, you should not finalize your personal trainer in the first meeting. When it comes to your fitness goals, you have all the right to make the right choice. A right choice can actually make the difference between your dreams and your final results.

  1. Be very clear about your goals

Once you spot a trainer to start working with, the next few steps should always be and in that conversation. Before they do anything else, they should listen to you completely and hear about your goals. They should ask you about your past injuries, past issues with exercise. They should also be asking about your nutrition. If they are not asking you about your nutrition, then you are surely going to be wasting your time. They should set proper expectations. A quality personal trainer should let you know that it could take many months to get in shape or build the right kind of habits important to attain your goals.

A good personal trainer always enquires about your fitness goals. You need to be clear on what do you expect out of them and the trainer needs to clear on expectations from their side too. It’s better to have a trainer who understands your fitness goals, your ambitions, your plans, your capabilities, your shortcomings etc. It’s also a smart move to speak with someone who is an expert in what you want to achieve.

  1. Get a trainer with the success experience that’s well-knitted with your goals

A trainer can be awesome in a certain field, but that trainer may not be awesome for you. For example: A comparative marathon runner may not be a great coach for other sports. If running a marathon is your aim, you need to seek someone who has a solid history of training people for a marathon and who have themselves run a marathon. Similarly, if you want to gain muscle, it’s better to seek someone who specializes in bodybuilding. A similar scenario for someone aiming to lose weight. It is important that your trainer would have a history of accomplishments specifically in the area you are looking at. An expertise in one area doesn’t necessarily make them as good in another area which may be your requirement.

Make sure you don’t get stuck paying for a trainer that doesn’t deliver results. In the end, the “right” trainer for you will be someone who you motivates you and keep your energy levels high. If you find yourself coming up with excuses to cancel training sessions after some time into the partnership, you might want to rethink your decision.

The time, energy and effort you put into something you really wanted to accomplish and the feeling you get when you achieve it is something no one can ever take away from you. So stand proud and know you did something for yourself to better your life.

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